GW2 Wubstep

February 16, 2012

World vs World vs World. WvWvW. WvW. WuvWuv. We have many names for it, but today we finally have some concrete information. Having read that fantastic blog post early this morning, I have to say that I was truly filled with hope about this PvP mode. Typically I have found large-scale PvP to be something that always sounded cool in concept and almost always ended up in tears and Zerg. Is that inevitable? Is large-scale PvP just a dream that in the end will always come down to Zerg-fests? Can players coordinate large-scale tactics, and what’s more, is there any incentive to? Can server imbalance break PvP in half? Do the developers even care? These are all very important questions to be asking when developing a system meant for large-scale combat. The infrastructure and design decisions laid down in the infancy of a feature can have wide-ranging and powerful consequences.

Now, I’m no fortune-teller, but having played a lot of games and having spent a lot of time analyzing the systems that lead to success and failure, I can say that I feel that ANet is doing all the right things in their designs. Before getting into the systems of GW2, I’m going to spend a little time talking about other experiences I have had and why they didn’t work out well. I’ll start mostly be talking about my last experience with large-scale PvP: Aion.

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